Time for some fun education – Bill Nye on biodiversity

So now it’s time for something a little bit different. We’ve already posted something about Al Gore and his new mindset on today’s global warming issues. We all know Mr.  Gore as a serious man and someone who has a strong vision and beliefs, and this is exactly how he presents his vision to us.

Then on the other hand we have Bill Nye, The Science Guy. Perhaps a bit less known here in the UK, but across the ocean he’s a semi-internet-celebrity and known for his funny, but educational documentaries about nature and science. This time Bill Nye has uploaded a brand new documentary and guess what? It’s a full 22-minute episode dedicated to the topic of biodiversity.

We’ll save you the small talk and just let you enjoy the video down below. Be sure to watch it if you are tired of those ‘classical documentaries’ and want something rather new and refreshing. Don’t forget to like the video on the uploader’s YouTube channel.