Planet Earth


Our Vision

We believe that nature is without a doubt one of the most important and essential aspects of human life on this planet. She provides us with pretty much everything we need to keep on living. Forests give us clean air, rivers and lakes give us drinking water and deep underneath the surface we can even find energy to power our homes, cars and computers.

It’s almost needless to say to that we have to take good care of her for obvious reasons. Unfortunately there are many issues concerning nature and the global environment in this day and age. You have probably heard and read a lot about global warming and the effect of greenhouse gases (GHG) on our planet. Many researches and studies have shown that global warming is taking place right now and that the most likely cause is the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. For more in-depth information about greenhouse gases, check out this PDF.

Through this website we would like to raise awareness on the global issues we’re all facing together and we hope to provide you with relevant information on the matter. We do our to best find interesting news concerning global warning and give you help on what you can do to help out nature a bit. Last but not least, we are proponents of positivism and have a colourful outlook on life. That’s why you’ll also find some great inspiration we get from nature every now and then.

Global Warming

For those of you who are relatively new to the subject: we would like to elaborate a bit on global warming. First of all it’s important to note that Earth’s atmosphere and climate are extremely complex and sophisticated systems. Studies have shown that throughout millions of years Earth’s atmosphere has changed in both positive and negative ways.


For instance, the last few decades have been relatively warmer than for example a couple thousand years ago. When looking back at around 10.000 B.C. we can see the last great Ice Age during which earth’s temperature was lower than average. This kind of up-and-down-cycle can be seen throughout many millions of years of Earth’s atmospheric history. Scientists can determine the average temperature in different timeframes by analyzing air bubbles trapped in ancient ice or deep underground.

So one can conclude that the temperature raise we see today is nothing more than a natural phenomenon that occurs every 100.000 years or so. However, many people believe (and there is pretty strong evidence) that the raising temperatures we see today are out of proportions when compared to the natural global warming during the past. Usually the temperature on Earth raises extremely slowly in the course of thousands of years. However, in only the last 100 years (basically since the start of the Industrial Revolution) the average temperature on earth has risen more than 10x the amount we’ve seen in the same time-frame during the last natural global warming on earth. This fact has led people to believe that a (drastic) climate change is imminent.

The cause? Humans driving cars, running power plants on oil, gas and coal, burning down forest lands etc. Basically everything that involves the burning of carbon based fuels and emitting of greenhouse gases.   


You may ask yourself, how does the emission of greenhouse gases cause global warming? This is a good question, but also a very hard one to answer. Like stated before, Earth’s atmosphere is extremely complex and explaining all the details would require one to read whole studies concerning the subject. Luckily, the very basic principles are easy to understand and can be illustrated by the working of a classical greenhouse.

When light from the sun falls into a greenhouse it gets reflected from the surface of the earth and bounces up. Normally a portion of the warmth is absorbed by the earth’s surface (plants, water, soil, forests) and a portion is reflected back into the atmosphere and eventually back into space. However, the glass construction of a greenhouse causes the bounced off warmth to stay (partially) trapped inside the greenhouse, raising its temperature significantly.


Earth’s atmosphere is basically a similar construction to the one we find in a greenhouse. It protects us from deathly solar rays but keeps us warm by trapping a part of the suns warmth inside the atmosphere. The thing with greenhouse gases (i.e. carbon-dioxide) is that they thicken and pollute the atmosphere, which causes more warmth to stay trapped inside, hence raising the temperature of the surface.