Hello there and welcome to Shared-Earth-Trust!

This website is all about nature and biodiversity. It’s been set up by a couple of nature lovers located in the South West of England. With this website we want to share our love and passion with nature, but at the same time we hope to raise awareness concerning local and global environmental issues.

We believe that Mother Nature is one of our most precious gifts, and needless to say, we have to take good care of her. Unfortunately, there have been many ecological and environmental issues in the past and even more so in the last couple of decades. On this website you can find general information about environmental issues across the globe as well as our vision concerning nature.

In the news section of the website you will frequently find articles with varying topics, ranging from global environmental issues to local news and beautiful inspiration from nature. Please enjoy your stay and have a great time!

Castlerigg Stone Circle near Keswick, Cumbria, England, UK